3rd GFETW Photos

Photos from the Third Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop

Maputo, Mozambique

February 28-March 4, 2011

3GFETW20110228_0132 3GFETW20110228_0144 3GFETW20110228_0130 3GFETW20110228_0128
[Caption: Opening Session] [Minister of Fisheries Victor Borges] [A. Covarrubias] [Caption: ]
3GFETW20110228_0133 3GFETW20110228_0153 3GFETW20110228_0155 3GFETW20110228_0158
[Caption: ] [Caption: ] [Caption: ] [Caption: ]
3GFETW20110228_0176 3GFETW20110301_0021 3GFETW20110301_0013 3GFETW20110301_0014
[Caption: ] [Dinner reception] [Participants at dinner reception] [Participants at dinner reception]
3GFETW20110301_0035 3rd GFETW Dancers trimmed 3GFETW20110301_0073 3GFETW20110301_0079
[Dinner Reception -] [Cultural Show – Dancers] [Cultural Show -] [Caption: ]
3GFETW20110301_0099 3GFETW20110301_0105 3GFETW20110301_0115
[Joining in] [Caption: ] [Caption: ]

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