Visa Information

Each participant of the 4th GFETW shall complete the necessary procedures for obtaining a visa if so required under immigration rules applicable in Costa Rica.

Information on visa requirements can be found at

If you require visa assistance please contact:

Daniel Cabada Murolo
+(506) 2222-2022

For yellow fever vaccine and other information, please visit the Costa Rica Embassy website

*Fulfillment of the procedures for obtaining a visa is a personal matter which can only be done by the applicant. In the event that in the course of this process you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact the organizers of the 4th GFETW. The decision whether or not to issue a visa will be taken by the competent authorities of Costa Rica. The organizers of the 4th GFETW cannot be held responsible for the fulfillment and outcome of the above procedures.

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