4th GFETW Presentations

4th GFETW Presentations

4th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop
San José, Costa Rica
February 17-21, 2014

Protecting Artisanal and Regional Fisheries Communities
through the promotion of Legal, Reported and Regulated Fisheries

Presentations in order of delivery:


From Curb and FOC to Purple Notice: Glimpses from the IUU History
Johan Williams, Chairman, FAO-COFI, Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry & Fisheries


Session 1: “Regional Cooperation between Coastal States”
Facilitator: Guillermo Compeán, Director, IATTC

The Tanzania Experience with MCS
Geofrey Nanyaro, Chairperson, Stop Illegal Fishing

Artisanal and Small Scale Fisheries Experiences in Central America
Mario González, Regional Coordinator of SICA/OSPESCA

Monitoring Fisheries Activities in EEZ’s of Pacific Island States
Mike Pounder, Surveillance Operations Officer, FFA

Session 2: “Regional Cooperation on the High Seas – RFMOs”
Facilitator: Luis Dobles, Executive President, INCOPESCA- Costa Rica

A New Approach to Understanding Trends & Capacity in IUU Fishing in the Southern Ocean
Sarah Lenel, Fishery Monitoring and Compliance Manager, CCAMLR

Compliance and Regional Cooperation in the EPO
Guillermo Compeán, Director, IATTC

Regional Cooperation – ICCAT
Chris Rogers, NOAA Fisheries Service, Office of International Affairs


Session 3: “Cost Effectiveness of MCS”
Facilitator: Dean Baigent, Director Compliance, Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand

Cost of IUU and Cost Effective MCS
Randy Jenkins, Director, National Fisheries Intelligence Service Canada

Low-Cost Fisheries MCS Tools
Kim I. Mallalieu, Senior Lecturer, University of the West Indies

Cost Effective Maritime Monitoring using Space Based Technology
Jeff Hurley, Business Development Manager, MDA, Canada

Session 4: “New MCS Technologies and Methodologies”
Facilitator: Jacques Verborgh, DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission

Smart and Cost Effective MCS
Glen Salmon, National Compliance Operations Unit, Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Full Catch Documentation Based E-logbook and E-monitoring
Søren Palle Jensen, Senior Fisheries Officer, Danish Agrifish Agency

Maria Jose Pria, EM Project Manager, Archipelago Marine Research

Use of UAVs as an MCS Tool
Thomas Snitch, Distinguished Senior Professor, Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland

Facilitator: Todd Dubois, Assistant Director, NOAA Office of Law Enforcement

Using Open Source Intelligence to Counter IUU Fishing: Exploration of Open Source Resources and Networks of MCS Practitioners
David Pearl, Foreign Affairs Specialist, NOAA Fisheries Office of International Affairs

Container Control Programme
Ian Munro, Law Enforcement Advisor, Anti-organised crime and illicit drug trafficking, Implementation and Support Section, UNODC

Understanding the U.S. Executive Order on Wildlife Trafficking
Stuart Cory, Special Agent, NOAA Office of Law Enforcement

Intelligence Work – Needs in Light of Capacity Building
Tor Glistrup, INTERPOL Fisheries Crime Working Group and Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries

INTERPOL Efforts to Combat Fisheries Crime
Bradley Soule, INTERPOL Environmental Crime Programme


Session 6: “International Cooperation”
Facilitator: Terje Lobach, Directorate of Fisheries, Norway

Flag State Requirements: Guidelines on Flag State Performance
Johann Augustyn, Chief Director Fisheries Research and Development, South Africa

Port State Control
Fabio Hazin, Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, FAO-COFI FirstVice-Chair, Brazil

Global Record of Fishing Vessels, Refrigerated Cargo Vessels and Supply Vessels
Ari Gudmundsson, Fisheries Industry Officer, FAO

Session 7: “Stop IUU Fishing Award”
Facilitator: Michele Kuruc, Acting Senior Vice-President, Marine, World Wildlife Fund

Presentations by Winners

Third Place Winner: Stop Illegal Fishing
Per Erik Bergh, Project Coordinator, Stop Illegal Fishing

Second Place Winner: EJF Community Surveillance and Sierra Leone Joint Maritime Commission
Mariah Boyle, Traceability and IUU Fishing Project Director, Fishwise

First Place Winner: Community Based IUU Reporting System for Timor-Leste
Pedro Rodrigues, Chief of Fishing Port and Focal Point of Regional Plan of Action on Monitoring Control and Surveillance (RPOA-MCS), Timor-Leste


Session 9: “Multilateral Initiatives”
Facilitator: Bjarne Schultz, Directorate of Fisheries, Norway

Cooperation in Central America
Otto Wantland, MCS Specialist

European Union Action towards the International Fight against IUU Fishing
Adela Rey Aneiros, Policy Officer – IUU, European Commission, DG Maritime Affaires and Fisheries

Pacific Coral Triangle Initiative
Todd Dubois, Assistant Director, NOAA Office of Law Enforcement

Seven Years of Regional Cooperation in the Indian Ocean
Daroomalingum Mauree, Director of Fisheries, Mauritius

Session 10: “Partnerships and Bilateral Cooperation”
Facilitator: Alejandro Covarrubias, Head of International Affair Unit, SERNAPESCA, Chile

Prosecution of Fisheries Violations in Ghana’s Western Region
Kofi Agbogah, Program Director, Coastal Resources Centre, Ghana

Brokering Cooperation between MCS Authorities
Cephas Ralph, Chairman, International MCS Network

Regional Cooperation in Control and Surveillance Fishing in the Framework of OLDEPESCA
Angel Rivera Benavides, Executive Director, OLDEPESCA

Fish-i Indian Ocean
Part 1: A Regional Task Force Taking Action Against Illegal Fishing
Kristín Gunnarsdóttir von Kistowski, Senior Advisor, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Part 2: Fish-i Africa
Per Erik Bergh, Project Coordinator, Stop Illegal Fishing


Session 11: “Capacity Building in Practice”
Facilitator: Carlos Dominguez, Secretary General D. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain

Cooperation in SE Asia (RPOA)
Glen Salmon, National Compliance Operations Unit, Australian Fisheries Management Authority
(Standing in for:Ida Kusuma Wardhaningsih, Executive Secretary, Directorate General of Surveillance for Marine and Fisheries Resources)

Capacity Development and Awareness Raising of Global Initiatives
Alicia Mosteiro, MCS Operations Specialist/Global Record Technical Manager, FAO

MCS Needs of Developing Countries
Kofi Agbogah, Program Director, Coastal Resources Centre, Ghana

Overview on WWF’s Efforts to Curb IUU in CEA/SWIO/NIO Region
Manuel Castiano, Policy Officer, WWF Smart Fishing Initiative

MCS Cooperation in Eastern Pacific
Marco Quesada, Costa Rica Program Director, Conservation International

Combatting Illegal Fishing: The Spanish Experience
Carlos Dominguez, Secretary General D. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain

The International Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Network aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fisheries-related MCS activities through enhanced cooperation, coordination, information collection and exchange among national organizations and institutions responsible for fisheries-related MCS.